Ideal Healing

Hexagen® permits the body to heal at its maximum potential.

Hexagen Fights
With You

Not Against You

Hexagen’s patented formula targets and eliminates disease causing organisms without sacrificing healthy, local cells. This selectivity creates the ideal healing environment for acute and chronic wounds, which permits and accelerates natural healing.

Proprietary Technology

Hexagen uses a first-of-its-kind, petrolatum-based, liquid-in-oil suspension technology that quite literally fuses liquid and oil. Active biocidal ingredients are permanently suspended in liquid nanodroplets within the petrolatum and penetrate tissue with minimal insult.

  • PermaFusion® – Patented delivery technology penetrates keratin
  • Incorporates quaternary ammonias for bioburden protection – Wide spectrum of effectiveness against known pathogens
  • Petrolatum base – protects wounds and prevents subsequent dressing adherence