Family of Products

One formula, multiple uses.

A Growing Family

Hexagen® contains our foundational formula, which has been shown to gently and effectively eliminate a broad spectrum of pathogens, from bacteria to fungi to yeasts. This creates wide indications applicability and flexibility, which has led to the submission and achievement of multiple FDA clearances for indications ranging from chronic wound management to dermatitis.

We currently have available a number of prescription-only products (as well as many in the pipeline for 510k clearance and new drug approval), but we exist in a constant state of evolution, ever discovering and evolving via feedback from our clinicians and users.

Currently Available Products

Hexagen Wound Dressing

For acute and chronic wound management »

Hexagen Skin & Nasal Antiseptic

For OTC first aid and nasal decolonization »

Protego Antimicrobial Wound Dressing

Hexagen impregnated in woven and non-woven gauze for acute and chronic wound management »

AtopX Emulsion

For advanced eczema care »

Research Areas